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The architecture of b¨o

It is a proposal with its own identity, a review of what hospitality should be, in which design shapes in the same gesture integrating the concept of a home than a hotel experience within a space.

b¨o is a place in which the premises that have guided the work of Murjo Rojo enroll. The design invites us to look back to a Mexico that has its roots in the earth, in traditions of a mixed culture posed to a new world. It is a hotel that shelters us from his roots and invites us to contemplate a landscape surrounded by mountains where life seems to emerge from the rain to get lost in the fog. This is a site that seeks to renew their spaces, textures and traditions tours and multiple senses that this city is revealed to us gradually.

Thus, the proposed architecture is rooted in their own culture and their relationship with the environment. This correspondence is shown in the dialog that promotes the building itself between inside and outside, to include traditional Andalusian patio plant, and the warmth of wood in architecture in his scheme vernacular poetry of their decks, roofs and the color and texture of the soil on the walls. They are endless spaces, which are transformed throughout the day and seasons. They are flat to be opened and closed to recreate the space and how we perceive the day and night, rain and sun, the transition from spring to winter.