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San Cristobal de Las Casas, where the fog protects the towns, where the marimba plays while drinking coffee. Its unique charm: the sky, the majestic archaeological zones, the vegetation, the rivers and waterfalls, the churches, the markets, its cuisine, the squares and of course, its people.


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Discover a Great Boutique Hotel in San Cristóbal de las Casas
B¨o is a luxurious design hotel located in the tourist and iconic city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, in the State of Chiapas, whose roots are born in the heart of this ancestral city, a place where it rises to renew its traditions. , surrounded by stunning landscapes, colonial streets and a world full of art, textiles and culture to discover.

It is a hotel nestled in an architecture inspired by harmony, with great personality and originality of what is typical and traditional of this region, with a welcoming atmosphere, covered by the green and colorful of its gardens, which makes it in itself, in a magical destination to visit.

With strong local roots, even the name of the Hotel evokes these various regional languages, since b¨o is an interpretation for them of WATER, and is where an experience derived from the four elements begins, as interpreted in traditional songs. of Chiapas, where the Earth is the Body, the Wind is the Vapor, the Water is the Blood and the Fire is the Spirit. Which makes the b¨o Hotel the best place in Mexico to “See It Rain”.

The four elements converge as one in this wonderful setting that is the b¨o Hotel, Water, Fire, Earth and Air, they are present in every space and at every moment to the delight of our visitors.

B¨o takes a tour and leads to the desire to show all of you the elements of its design that make it up, as a great generator of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which covers indescribable stories that it manifests, which in Chiapas is written with threads for its exceptional textiles, the knots in its fabrics and embroidery, the fretwork, textures and colors.

That is why b¨o is a pioneer and proposes a new concept in luxury boutique hospitality in Chiapas, within a framework that builds MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES, in a hotel dressed in a unique, original and unexpected design.

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